MN Group of Companies

MN Group of Companies

Just Sit back & relax while we build your Dream Home.

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MN Group of Companies

Our products are an integral, functional, design and sustainable component of modern and emotional architecture.

Our group consists of 3 organizations specialized in construction. Specialized employees for those sectors work in our institutions.
We all have dreamt of living in a house that is the epitome of luxury and aesthetic. MN Group’s entire business operation rests upon the confidence and faith of our customers, why business with us is characterized by security and transparency, and an ethical approach among all the parties involved. We have a sustainable approach and are always raising the bar within our business to enhance our pioneering spirit.
We are creating superior sustainable solutions for infrastructure of the future. Having conducted business for more than 10 years, we have already been involved in creating a large part of the infrastructure that currently connects people, places and countries. Our areas of expertise include roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, underground areas, groundwork, supply mains and energy producing facilities. Our vision is to provide superior sustainable solutions. It is an area where we are on the cutting edge, with several green certified infrastructure projects. Sustainability also means the safest construction sites for both third parties and the people working there. We aim to have zero accidents and have zero tolerance for work environment shortcomings and risky behavior.

Our Strategy

As an industry leader, we want to be the most attractive partner for challenges that can be solved with construction.

Corporate Purpose

We help to change the world for the better with our expertise, our innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.


Our mission and motivation is to grow profitably and make a positive contribution to society.