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In this section you can find news releases, photos and footage, publications and podcasts as well as information about our media events. MN Group spokespersons are happy to answer your media inquiries quickly and directly. We want to contribute to a world that provides a viable future with enhanced quality of life for everyone. Society and our customers have been taking a greater interest in the business contribution to sustainability over the past decades.

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Shrama Abimani Awards – For best construction company in Sri Lanka 2018

Shrama Abimani Awards – For best construction company…

MN Homes Developer (pvt) ltd won the Shrama abhimani award for best construction company in Sri Lanka 2018…

Annual Cricket Encounter prize giving – President college

Annual Cricket Encounter prize giving – President college

Mr.Roshan Wewage who is managing Director of Mn Group of companies participated as a chief guest for President…

Leaflet Campaign

Leaflet Campaign

This includes a leaflet distribution program conducted by the marketing team of our company. People were informed about…

We cultivate a working environment

that inspires and connects people. The best team is the key to our success.

Our employees make a significant contribution to MN Group’s success: We rely on the engagement of our employees and give them the tools and skills necessary to be able to offer our customers differentiated and customized products, services and solutions.

Research, Development and Innovation

MN Group has a long experience from systematically driving extensive research and development work. This is done across the company. It spans from knowledge-building research to more industrially oriented product, production and method development, often in close collaboration with customers, suppliers

For our customers the construction process can be a cumbersome passage between idea and reality.

We are proactive construction experts realizing complex projects with our customers.
MN Group
of Compaies

An industrial business, which is applied within the MN Industry business area, with a focus on processing, in particular on stone materials and asphalt production. The business mainly ties up capital in ­material quarries and crushed and asphalt products facilities, which have high fixed costs


For MN Group, digitalization is about the ability to use and create value from the information we generate and have access to.

Our Strategy

As an industry leader, we want to be the most attractive partner for challenges that can be solved with construction.

Our knowledge, expertise and previous experiences can help bridge that gap and deliver a positive end-result for all stakeholders. We are proud of all our delivered projects – and passionate about the process that took us there !